Entertainment Experte: "Encourage van Linde Merckpoel to puncture the pink...

Experte: “Encourage van Linde Merckpoel to puncture the pink cloud, psychological counseling also needed for pregnant women”

“I’ve really been mourning what I might have to give up. I feel like a carrier, actually. A receptacle. When I look in the mirror, I don’t recognize myself,” admits Merckpoel.

The extra pounds are hard on her and then there is her freedom. “I like to work (I work a lot), I like to travel, I like sports, I like being with friends. I want to keep doing that, even when the child is there,” said the vlogster. For example, she plans to join the Belgian Cats (the national women’s basketball team) for a month next summer, towards the Olympic Games in Tokyo. “They don’t take that away from me, even if I lie there crying every night in my hotel room”, it sounds.


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