Experts Call the Universe Shaped Like a Donut

Cosmic microwave background image taken by the Planck satellite. ©ESA/HFI/LFI Consortia

Reporter: Merdeka – According to recent research, the universe may be shaped like a donut instead of flat like a pancake.

This research stems from a strange pattern found in the echoes of the Big Bang.

The new research also says astronomers haven’t yet fully tested the flatness of the universe. The existence of strange patterns in outer space might explain that the shape of the universe is more complicated than previously thought.

Previous observations said the universe was flat. In geometry, a plane is defined as parallel lines with no intersecting ends.

However, there are simple delineations that disprove the observation that the universe is flat.

For example, the earth has longitudes whose ends intersect one another, that is, they meet at the Poles. Facts that prove the earth is flat. The same logic applies to the universe.

So, what should the universe look like?

Reported by Live Science, there is a cosmic microwave background (CMB) or light that was released when the cosmos was 380,000 years old.

The CMB fluctuation measure originally suggested the universe was flat. But new research shows that the universe can still be convoluted, curved like a donut.

There are various definitions of flat. For example, draw parallel lines on a sheet of paper, then shape the paper like a cylinder. Drawn lines will remain parallel as they circle the cylinder. However, if you cover both sides of the paper, you will end up with a donut-shaped line.

Astronomers have also measured the topology of the universe in various ways. All evidence suggests that the universe is geometrically flat and has a simple open topology.

The expert then offered to further examine the results of this CMB observation because it was considered that there was a large, strange pattern that was created and appeared where it shouldn’t be.

Thus, the answer regarding whether the universe is flat or like a donut must be investigated further.

Intern reporter: Jubilee Nathania

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