Experts compare Subaru Forester and Nissan X-Trail: AutoMedia: VladTime


Car collectors from Japan told their two interesting specimens, which are approximately in the same price segment.

The review on the Toyama Trade channel presents the Subaru Forester 2015 with a mileage of 63,000 km and an impressive equipment. The crossover features a combined leather trim, multi-rudder, electronic climate control, fog lights, luggage racks and headlamp washers. His opponent was the Nissan X-Trail version of the 2014 Emergency Brake Package seat, which covered 96,000 km: all-wheel drive, LED optics, sonar, original discs and more.

The blogger was delighted by the state of the cabin of a used "Forester". The leather inserts are not locked, all the necessary adjustments and heating work properly. The seats are in perfect condition, everything is clean, without cuts or scratches.

Furthermore, the inserts with imitations in carbon imitation were much appreciated and during the 4 years of active driving they did not get stuck and look more attractive than before.

The luggage compartment is very spacious and functional, with the second row of seats folded, you can put everything inside. Speaking of the Nissan X-Trail, the reviewer noted that, of course, he looks a lot less engaging and brilliant than his competitor, but for some, this may be a virtue – a lot of people like the more modest SUVs. The front panel of the car looks more functional, all kinds of buttons and levers, but the blogger likes it less.

Summarizing the review of two "beautiful" off-road experts, he said that these "classmates" for the same budget do not differ much from one another, each one repeating the main advantages of a competitor and the choice between they won't be that easy.




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