Experts in the United States have appreciated the Russian "torpedo apocalisse"

MOSCOW, 23 February – RIA news. The experts of the American magazine The Popular Mechanics commented on a video of the tests of an unmanned "Poseidon" underwater vehicle, previously published by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

As the author of the article observes, thanks to the "deep diving and high speed" the Russian "torpedo" apocalypse will be extremely difficult to intercept and almost impossible to stop.

"The drone is designed to attack coastal objects, such as the submarine base, port or coastal city," – reads the material.

According to the expert, this Russian weapon is destined to a retaliatory attack in the event of a nuclear attack.

"Poseidon" is conceived as a terrifying second attack weapon that will make a nuclear attack against Russia too dangerous, "writes The Popular Mechanics.

For the first time, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the development of Poseidon in March of last year. He said that these unmanned submarine vehicles will be able to cover intercontinental distances at a speed that is a multiple of the speed of all types of modern submarines.

These weapons can be equipped not only with conventional weapons but also with nuclear weapons. This will allow Poseidon to target a wide range of targets, including aircraft carrier groups, coastal fortifications and infrastructure.

On Wednesday, February 20, in a message to the Federal Assembly, Putin announced that the first nuclear submarine, the unmanned system carrier, will be launched this spring.



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