Experts shared their impressions on the first GAZ-24 Volga


At that time, all citizens dreamed of acquiring a Soviet sedan – its popularity was at the level of modern premium cars.

There is an opinion that there were no executive cars in the Soviet Union, but it is a wrong judgment: one can easily refer the GAZ-24 Volga to such cars, which was considered the dream of any citizen of the former Soviet Union. The "Behind the Wheel" channel guide shared their impressions of the first version of the Soviet sedan.

It is interesting to note that at the moment it is not possible to find such a car, but the experts were lucky: they got the 1974 GAZ-24 Volga produced in their hands. The engine compartment of the Soviet car is hidden by a 2.45-liter 4-cylinder engine with a return of only 95 hp, but with an impressive torque of 186 N / M, which was reached at 2,200 rpm . The prestigious status of the Volga is also emphasized by the presence of a hydraulic vacuum servo brake and a dual circuit braking system.

In addition, the GAZ-24 Volga premium can be evaluated by the interior design: in the cabin, experts have noticed a large lever, large pedals, a huge steering wheel and a giant dashboard with a tape speedometer. A distinctive feature of the interior design of the Soviet sedan is the light finish of the control panel and radio 66.

The landing in the GAZ-24 Volga saloon is quite comfortable and there was a place for the average passenger in the front. The back seats of the Soviet business class car are characterized by ample space for passengers who can use the comfortable armrest. Thanks to the good torque on the Volga GAZ-24, you can immediately launch the clutch and the car rolls, and the Soviet sedan accelerates easily, so you can immediately switch to second or third gear: the engine is easy to grip and gives maximum power at 4,000 rpm

Experts point out that the GAZ-24 Volga is a car for a quiet and comfortable movement on flat surfaces: such a car has generally been bought by those who put comfort and quality at the forefront. "Soviet-style business class," bloggers concluded.



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