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Which signs should you pay attention to find traces of life on the red planet? For scientists, Iceland is a perfect playground to identify and train them to identify them.

On a foggy day north of Reykjavik on the west coast of Iceland, Bethany Ehlmann walks along the Hvalfjördur fjord. Between the steep cliffs and the vertical veins formed by the lava, he finds what he was looking for: a rock whose appearance shows that the water once flowed there. The signs observed on the rock are subtle – small points and lines – but reveal much more than the presence of a trickle of water in time immemorial. These are concrete indications that will help the planetologist and the Caltech geologist (US) to better understand the conditions that have favored the emergence of life on Earth. And maybe on Mars.

Before Mars becomes a cold and inhospitable desert, scientists believe that the planet was very similar to the Icelandic coast. Ferruginous rocks, glaciers, volcanoes and thermal springs found in Iceland today reflect the conditions on Mars, there are more than three


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