Explore the benefits of pink salt, take a peek at the Himalayan salt content

TEMPO.CO, JakartaBenefits of Himalayan salt touted more than ordinary table salt because it contains various minerals that are good for the body. In contrast to clean white table salt, Himalayan salt has a pink or pink color.

Himalayan Salt has a nutritional content that is almost the same as table salt, this salt can be used for cooking just like regular table salt. Himalayan salt contains more minerals than regular salt. This means that the mineral content of other Himalayan salts is very small. So, using Himalayan salt as daily salt does not have a significant effect.

Some claims mention the benefits of Himalayan salt for health, one of which is to support the diet. However, a number of claims relating to the Himalayan salt have not been proven or research supported.

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Himalayan salt is claimed to be lower in sodium than regular salt so it can support a healthy diet, reported by Medica News Today. Himalayan salt, including pure salt, the refining process does not use any additives, unlike ordinary table salt that has been added with other substances.

Himalayan salt also has antimicrobial properties. This property is useful for preserving food and helping to fight infection. Not only that, in its home region, namely in Pakistan, Himalayan salt is also used as an external wound medicine.

Himalayan salt is also good for maintaining body hydration. Our bodies contain electrolyte salts to maintain fluid balance in the body and maintain body hydration. So, consuming Himalayan salt can also help the body maintain fluid balance and hydration. This helps the body to improve muscle function.

By consuming the right amount of sodium. Apart from helping to balance fluids in the body, sodium helps in balancing the pH of the body. So, if you consume Himalayan salt which contains sodium, you will also get this benefit.

The number of benefits does not mean that it has no side effects. Reporting from Body and Soul, found a surprising fact that various potentially dangerous compounds were found in Himalayan salt. Such as aluminum, silicon, and sulfur are some of the compounds found in the Himalayan salt samples.

Andy Weil also responded to the same thing by the founder and director of The University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, who said that, salt pink is no more special health benefits. According to Weil, regular salt is as healthy as pink salt or what is often called Himalayan salt.



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