Explosive sales: in the year of the coronavirus crisis and the withdrawal of 10%, the CyberDay reaches historical records

After 3 days of sales in which more than 200 million visits were made to the participating sites, CyberDay 2020 ended with estimated sales of US $ 368 million, product of more than 4 million transactions, double the amount registered in 2019, which reached a historical record.

The growth of the amounts in pesos, meanwhile, reached 53% in real terms, with three-digit figures in the case of the categories of goods and contractions in some service areas that remain strongly affected by the pandemic, such as tourism and their related activities, reported the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS), the union that organizes the event.

Despite this, all sectors multiplied by several times the sales they had been registering in the previous months.

Thus, tourism and travel companies, for example, multiplied their sales by 6 in relation to normal days, as well as multi-stores, marketplaces and supermarkets, the CCS indicated.

Home equipment and technology, meanwhile, amplified sales by more than 10 times, while in the automotive and real estate sectors, two segments very hit by the pandemic, the multiples exceeded 15 times.

In the case of charitable institutions, one of the novelties of this version, according to still preliminary figures, the contributions they received were multiplied by 15 in relation to the average of normal days, said the CCS,

Some operators also reported strong growth. In the case of Mercado Pago, the increase was over 400% and in visits to the site, 120%, if compared to last year’s Cyber ​​Day.

“The number of new buyers multiplied by 4, which indicates that many people who did not buy online before the pandemic began to do so”, they assured from that company.

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