Expo2020 Dubai, in the Israel pavilion. The spokesperson: “An invitation to an Arab country is a dream”

The Israel Pavilion at Expo2020 Dubai was presented to the media: an open curtain that evokes the idea of ​​welcoming the most diverse cultures, a crossroads of millenary customs and traditions. The floor is sand-colored, like the desert that unites countries in the Middle East and at the top the word “Towards tomorrow” in a crasis, the Aravrit language, which is a mixture of Arabic and Hebrew.

“Today you are part of history – underlined Menachem Gantz, spokesperson for the Pavilion – Who would have imagined until recently that one day Israel would be invited to such an important exhibition precisely because it takes place in an Arab country”. “Differences are our strength”, is the motto of the virtual godmother who guides visitors into the sensory room of vibrant sounds and images accompanied by the splendid music of Tom Cohen and the Jerusalem East and West Orchestra

by Benedetta Paravia

editing Marzia Morrone

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