Business Export diesel "Volga" GAZ-24-77 from Belgium are ready to...

Export diesel “Volga” GAZ-24-77 from Belgium are ready to “tear off” with arms and legs for nothing

A rare “Volzhanka” aroused motorists.

The other day in social networks there was an announcement about the sale of the rare “Volga” GAZ-24-77, which was exported to Belgium under the wing of the joint company Scaldia-Volga SA under the Soviet Union. This instance of 1979, if you believe the seller, returned back to Russia in 1984 year.

A distinctive feature of the GAZ-24-77 station wagon is the presence under the hood of a turbocharged Peugeot Indenor XDP diesel engine with a volume of 2.1 liters with a capacity of 62 “horses” at 117 Nm of peak torque. In those years, the same engine was installed on the Peugeot 504. Of course, the Volga for internal use in the Soviet Union did not know such an engine.

This GAZ-24-77 can also be called rare because the Volga returning to the USSR were often subjected to a swap of the Peugeot diesel engine on the ZMZ-24 gas engine, which in those conditions was easier to maintain.

It is worth noting that a copy of the GAZ-24-77, put up for sale, does not look very attractive: the interior is very dirty, the body began to “blossom” slowly, there is a lot of garbage under the hood. But they are ready to “tear off” the export diesel Volga from Belgium with arms and legs, since the completeness of the car has been preserved, and the station wagon costs only 100 thousand rubles – they sell it for almost nothing.

Do not bother motorists, admiring the Volga, and the fact that the car is not on track and for 15 years just stood in the old garage. Many people write that they are ready to take the GAZ-24-77 for restoration, find a working engine, put in order the body and make a universal collector’s candy from the station wagon. “Grab and run,” “For Scaldia, the state is what you need,” “The most awesome car I know,” they praise the car on the network.



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