Export of fruit and vegetables to Japan after technical negotiations

The Minister for Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Ezzedine Abusett, has announced the opening of the Japanese market to many Egyptian agricultural products, praising the role played by the Unit of market opening in the Administration central agricultural quarantine.
Abustit stated in a statement that the Japanese side had agreed with the Japanese side to apply the phytosanitary requirements, based on negotiations, technical studies and technical contacts on the requirements for exporting a number of Egyptian fruit and vegetable crops to Tokyo.
For his part, the dott. Ahmed Al-Attar, head of the Central Administration of Agricultural Quarantine, confirmed the existence of a number of agricultural products, which can be exported to Japan on special phytosanitary requirements and requirements requested by the Japanese side.
He added: "The opening unit of the agricultural stone markets is doing its utmost to overcome the obstacles to Egyptian products to access international markets, in order to benefit from Egyptian national income and increase monetary reserves".

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