Extreme form of hives: Arianna is allergic to winter – RTL Online


When temperatures drop, Arianna Kent lives with the fear of dying of anaphylactic shock. "Start with a little blush on my arms", describes his illness. "Then it spreads rapidly and the pustules are bigger, in the end they are out of breath, because my throat swells", describes the "Daily Mail".

He suffers from a rare form of urticaria in which the skin of his skin does not become too cold. The itchy and burning pustules therefore cover the whole body. You are threatened with shortness of breath, increased heart rate, decreased blood pressure and even a circulatory shock – symptoms that can lead to death in the worst case.

Therefore, in the cold winter months, Arianna has to go to hospital up to three times a month, so that doctors can prevent a potentially lethal anaphylactic shock.



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