Extreme rescue in China after torrential rains from Cyclone Doksuri

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A man was rescued by firefighters in the city of Wu’an, in Hebei, China, after being trapped in his car in an overflowing river. In addition, at least two people died on Monday in Beijing, in maximum alert for floods and landslides, due to the heavy rainfall that has been falling in the region for several days. These torrential rains are a consequence of Cyclone Doksuri, which caused at least 39 deaths in the Philippines.

According to the capital’s meteorological service, 170.9 millimeters of water fell in the city in 40 hours, between Saturday night and Monday at noon, that is, almost the average rainfall for an entire month of July.

Much of Beijing’s periphery “presents a high risk of subsidence, landslides and mudslides,” according to a notice from authorities.

emergency services found two bodies in a river Mentougou district, on the western outskirts of Beijing, according to the state-run People’s Daily newspaper. “This morning, it was crazy. The Mentougou river overflowed its banks and the entire avenue was flooded,” said Guo Zhenyu, a 49-year-old resident.

“I am old but I have never seen such a flood in my whole life,” said Qin Qan, a Mentougou resident. In the same district, the much wider Yongding River ran laden with debris among its unclear watersunder the incredulous gaze of the inhabitants installed on a bridge.

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