Extreme weather “Gyda” has not reached the top – large water flow in several rivers in Trøndelag – NRK Trøndelag

It has been sent out record number of red danger warning from NVE in connection with the storm.

In Stjørdal, Rita Rønning and her roommate were informed on Thursday morning that they would be picked up by naudetatar.

After three hours out in the storm, they finally realized that no one was coming.

Fortunately, the family had a boat in the garage. Then they could evacuate themselves.

– It was incredible luck, says Rønning.

Linn Sofie Rønning (left) and Rita Rønning at the evacuation center in Stjørdal.

Photo: Tariq Alisubh / NRK

– Not everyone wants to evacuate

Øystein Sagen, operations manager in Trøndelag police district, says that the evacuation work has been completed until further notice.

– Not everyone wants to be evacuated. There are some of us who have opposed it.

Two evacuation centers have been established in the area. The police will make continuous assessments throughout the evening.

A total of 47 people have been evacuated or have evacuated themselves in Stjørdal due to the storm, mayor Ivar Vigdenes informs itt before kl. 22.30.

Hallvard Vognild witnessed an ice plug coming loose in the river Orkla in Trøndelag.

Further south in Trøndelag, Hallvard Vognild (51) was on his way down to Ulsberg in Trøndelag when he saw large ice floes floating down the river Orkla.

– It was quite intense to watch and it thunders well in the river. I ran up a slope in the end to stand at a safe distance, says Vognild.

Several roads in Trøndelag are closed as a result of flooding, landslides and undermining roads.

Rindal municipality is isolated.

E39 at Vinjeøra in Heim is closed due to major damage. In addition, county roads in Rindal, Meldal, Verdal, Haltdalen and Meråker are closed due to flooding.

E39 at Vinjeøra.

NATURAL FORCES: Major destruction on E39 Vinjeøra.

Photo: Jøte Toftaker / NRK

Forward red danger warning

NVE announced that the extreme weather would be its most intense Thursday.

It is especially south and east in Trøndelag that Gyda creates challenges in the form of large amounts of precipitation.

Several minor landslides have been registered in the entire county, and NVE expects a high risk of landslides.

– We have water flow in several rivers and more precipitation is expected in the coming days, so the flood warning will still be at a red level, says Terje Thuseth, regional manager for NVE in Trøndelag.

At Hegra bridge Thursday morning. Photographer: Hilde Ravlo.

It is expected that both Verdalselva, Stjørdalselva, Gaula and Orkla in Trøndelag will fall during the evening or night.

– But this depends on the precipitation and temperature development, so there are some uncertain forecasts, says Thuseth.

– Flaumane lagged a bit behind. Flaumtoppen can come on Friday night, he adds.

Swim ashore from car

In Melhus, south of Trondheim, the postman, Pål Meistad, was surprised by huge bodies of water under a bridge on his route.

– I had plans to drive outside, when I suddenly see two people waving their hands to me, says Pål Meistad.

The two were grinding their teeth and were soaked. Unaware of how much water there was under the bridge, they had driven into the lake. Finally, the car stood with water all the way up to the roof.

– They had just swam ashore after getting out of the car, says Meistad.

He was able to take the two to his car when a taxi came to the curb. The taxi driver drove them to a gas station nearby.

– I do not know how they are doing now, but they were reasonably shocked in any case, says Meistad.

Inside from water flowing into the bus. PHOTO: Iver A. Holm

Wake up to the landslide that hit the house

In a housing field in Bergslia in Meldal in Trøndelag, several dwellings were hit by landslides that took place until Thursday night.

– I woke up in the 02-time of a dump. When I went out and checked, I saw nothing when I just looked in front of the house, says Bård Kalstad.

The landslide went from the hillside behind, over two roads, before stopping in his house wall. For example, he does not know if his home has received any damage.

– I think it has gone well. But I do not know yet. It is possible that something has entered the shelf, Kalstad continued.

RASE: A landslide closed both ways into the housing field in Nedre Bergslia in Meldal in Orkland. Photo: Private

Got the basement full of water

Just after 01:00 on Thursday night, the police in Trøndelag report large bodies of water at a house on Hegra in Stjørdal. The water flows out on the E14.

Birgitte Bjørngaard lived in the house, and got the basement full of water. She was sitting in the living room unknowingly when the police rang the doorbell.

The basement full of water

WATER: Birgitte Bjørngaard’s basement in Stjørdal is full of water.

Photo: Bjarte Johannesen / NRK

– We were forewarned that there could be some water in the basement, but that it was so much was a little surprising, she says to the NRK reporter in the city.

Both Tensio, the municipality, the police and the fire brigade have visited the house during the night.

Birgitte Bjørngaard

TENSIO: The electricity company Tensio is checking whether Birgitte Bjørngaard can live in her house in Stjørdal, or whether she must be evacuated.

Photo: Bjarte Johannnesen / NRK

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