Mr Collins posted a new photo on his Instagram account. It turned out that she decided to draw the attention of fans to charity with a candid shot, writes

So the star took a picture wearing only a t-shirt and tights. The actress always poses with bright makeup and her signature hairstyle, so this time she did not betray her traditions. In the description of the photo, Mr. Collins noted that the proceeds from the sale of this shirt will be donated to charity.

Fans wrote in the comments that they didn’t notice the shirt right away. All eyes were first on the legs of the actress, which, even at the age of almost 90, looked enviably beautiful.

Commenters’ reactions:

“As always you look stunning Joanne! What a great way to support a great cause!”

“Those legs! Oh my god, you’re getting prettier and prettier!”

“It’s hotter than most 30-year-old dolls with botox.”

Who is Joan Collins?

British model, actress and writer was born in 1933. May 23 She will celebrate her 90th birthday this spring. J. Collins started his career at an early age – acting in theater. In her youth, the actress got a lot of roles in movies and TV series. She used to take photos for magazine covers and charmed everyone with her beauty. In 1981, Mr. Collins got a role that brought her even greater fame – the actress began filming in the series “Dynasty”. In 1983, this role earned her a Golden Globe Award.

At the age of 50, Ms. Collins posed for Playboy magazine. The actress was married five times and had three children. The star has not stopped his career so far and is actively filming. In 2018, she starred in one season of American Horror Story.