F1 23 – looks like story mode is coming back

It looks very much like the story mode previously known as Braking Point may return in this year’s Formula 1 game from Codemasters. At least that’s what the return of resident nemesis Devon Butler suggests.

Two years ago, F1 2021 saw the introduction of Braking Point, the single-player, story-focused career mode that thoroughly invigorated the racing series, which changes only marginally from year to year. It was therefore a strange decision that a year later, in F1 22, Codemasters did not bring back this short, but still definitely missing game mode. Well, it looks like the British are making up for it this year.

While the actual F1 23 reveal has yet to take place, the franchise’s official YouTube channel has already released the above video, which oddly features a fictional team, Konnersport, along with its 2023 car and driver. And the latter is none other than Devon Butler – the also only fictional driver who has already appeared as the player character’s nemesis in several F1 games, including the F1 2021 Braking Point campaign.

EA or Codies will only reveal more about the game on May 1st, when F1 23 is officially unveiled, but seeing the above, it seems almost guaranteed that the story campaign will return in some form in this year’s installment.

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