F1 TV app gets support for casting to Chromecast and AirPlay devices – Picture and sound – News

Today I happened to take F1 TV abbo for the first time, because I thought it would be nice to invite my father and my brother to my new apartment where I built a bit of a home theater.

I have fiber here (KPN) and get that 1gbit up and 500 down easily, but it was really every 5-10 minutes that I had to give an F5 because the stream just stopped. And this was via PC -> browser.

What a drama. While at Ziggo Sport I never had any problems with that in my previous apartment. At a clear moment I thought, let the race run for 5 minutes (so that I don’t watch real-time live) but no, even that doesn’t help. Quite disappointed.

It seems more that they can’t handle the crowds live, because I had the Portugal race run for a while on both PC and the phone app. And phone app -> Cast, and that went smoothly.

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