FA Cup: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang shoots Arsenal to win over Manchester City

Of the FC Arsenal is in the final of the FA Cups. The Gunners celebrated a 2-0 (1-0) win over defending champions in the semi-finals at Wembley Manchester City. Who Arsenal will meet in the final will be decided on Sunday (7 p.m .; Stream: DAZN) between Manchester United and Chelsea.

The key player was the victory over Man City Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: The striker scored both goals. Those gates were wonderful to look at and could hardly have been more different. Before the 1-0 (19th minute) Arsenal played as you know it from City: The team combined from the penalty area, overcame the opposing press, shifted the side; then Nicolas Pépé flanked from the right towards the second post, where Aubameyang stole away and hit the goal with his outside instep.

The 2-0 was quick, however: Arsenal, now almost exclusively on their own defenses, countered, Kieran Tierney passed the ball deep, so that Aubameyang could play his pace. In one-on-one he overcame City goalkeeper Ederson (71.).

The 31-year-old Aubameyang has now scored 25 goals in 41 competitive appearances this season. His contract with Arsenal expires in the summer of 2021, the last speculation was whether the Gunners would offer the former BVB star a new contract. With this appearance, his chances of that have not exactly decreased.

It is the second surprise victory for Arsenal within a few days. On Wednesday, the team of coach Mikel Arteta defeated Liverpool 2-1 in the Premier League champions, even then the Gunners had been the team that had significantly fewer chances, but used them consistently.

The success was also a special one for coach Arteta. Before becoming chief coach at Arsenal, he was assistant coach to Pep Guardiola at Man City. In June Arteta had lost a first reunion 0-3, now he has defeated his former boss.

Manchester came from Raheem Sterling (49th), Kevin de Bruyne (61th) and David Silva (67th) to some clear chances. However, the team could not keep up the pressure permanently. The cup-out means that Manchester also missed the second most important national title after the championship. City had won the not very prestigious League Cup and the Supercup.

In order to be able to speak of a successful season after the season, City would have to go far in the Champions League. The second leg of the round of 16 against Real Madrid is due in August, the first leg had Manchester Won 2-1 at Real.

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