Fabienne Carat pregnant: she lifts the veil on the heavy secret of her pregnancy

© Instagram Fabienne Carat

On September 23, the actress Fabienne Carat revealed to Femme Actuelle her secret: she is pregnant, single and it is therefore without the dad by her side that she will give birth to her child.

This news surprised many members of Fabienne Carat’s community. Some said they were sad that she did not share this happy news sooner. They would have liked to celebrate for her a little earlier.

She responded to them in a long text posted on her Instagram account. “Some did not understand why it took me so long to share this incredible event with you, I did not forget you… I know very well that we too have had a strong love affair for so many years; but those who know me a little more, know my modesty, know that I prefer to talk only about smiles, to share things when I am well and when I have already made the best of it. Life is the most beautiful thing there is and fate is the most mischievous. I have always trusted them. Every trial is there because we deserve it to give us the chance to grow. I cannot thank enough all the angels who cross my path, support and encourage me. I am lucky. I am a passionate instinctive and I love you period. “

Let the fans rest assured: they will now be able to support their idol during the end of her pregnancy and during the arrival of her baby. Even if Fabienne Carat does not share too much, her subscribers know that they are read and heard by the actress.

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