Fabrizio Corona on Asia Argento: «It is not a programmed story. She is different from all other women »


Fabrizio Corona, this love story with Asia Argento has studied it at a table or is it love at first sight?
"She has come to think of it … In my life, incredible things happen. But this is not an interview, not virgoletti ».
And so? True love, suggestion, marketing?
"It's not a scheduled story. I went to talk to her really about work. When I arrived and we sat in front of a bottle of wine, after twenty minutes, we made love. "
This sentence, I warn you, the quotation mark.
"This yes. He will see that everyone takes it back. However, I can not say anything else, I'm going to record an episode of Verissimo ».
Tell me if he's in love.
"I like Asia very much. But it is difficult to answer because Asia is a different thing ». Different from what?
"From all the women I've had. It is not definable. It's like I am: we are two subjects unrelated to the world ".
Asia told the weekly Who: "I have read in him a pain that unites us. I have something like that inside me, too. "
«He gave a beautiful interview, he moved me, but I have to say goodbye».
First, though: who will save who?
"We hope, as Massimo Gramellini wrote in the Corriere, not that we will mate each other, but that we will save each other".

The scoop of the weekly Who with Asia Argento and Fabrizio Corona kissing, she who speaks of "affection" and the meeting of "two good souls, not two damned souls" is a twist. In the jargon of the TV series, technically, this would be a crossover between two crime stories so far distinct and different. The summary of the previous installments sees him on probation besieged by the trials for the fotoricatti and the money in the false ceiling, she who passes from the heroine of the MeToo for the accusations to Harvey Weinstein at the dock as a rapist of a minor. In the last episode, he had been released by his girlfriend, who had also brought oranges in jail, and made known to be sick of sex ("every day I have to have a different one"); Asia, however, had lost her boyfriend chef Anthony Bourdain, who had committed suicide a few days after she had been paparazzied with another. To which she, in tears, had assured the Daily Mail that Anthony knew, that the betrayals for them were not a problem. So, the tile by Jimmy Bennett, the baby actor of which Asia had been a mother in a movie and who, now seventeen years old, had ended up in his bed, go to understand if to violate or be raped, the versions diverge. Now, Asia Argento and Fabrizio Corona found themselves and it is enough to clean up the rumors about Matteo Salvini and Elisa Isoardi's selfie #AfterSex.

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Asia Argento and her tormented love life, from Morgan to Corona (through Sergio Rubini and Max Gazzé)
Fabrizio Corona

The «non happy end» it seems obvious, but it's like when in a TV series the first scene makes you already see the ending just to nail you to the sofa to ask you all the time how and how it will come to that epilogue. To then discover, perhaps, to cheer that not everything is already written, that life can always surprise you and turn your thoughts upside down. Meanwhile, as in any self-respecting plot, yesterday – the first episode of the cross over – the figures of allies and enemies were outlined. The mother of Asia, Daria Nicolodi, took to the field on Twitter and was an escalation. "I do not accept that my daughter is with that gentleman"; "As long as my daughter attends the delinquent, do not babble, what do you know?" "A period in the clinic would not hurt you, we're all worried about you." The daughter replies: "You have no idea what he has been writing about for days and what made me suffer during my childhood.

The dirty clothes are washed in the family. Not on social media, I have no words. " They are the last famous words. The mother placed a private message received from her daughter and are unrepeatable insults. Ally, but cautious, for now only the father Dario Argento, who a few days ago was dancing with his daughter at the Costanzo Show and now tells the Corriere: «I have not yet spoken with Asia about this thing that I did not expect. It seems incredible to me, I spoke with her sister, but she also knows nothing. I can not say anything, Corona does not make me crazy, but if she is happy … ». Tonight, Asia Argento will be at the Women's Republic of Piero Chiambretti on Rete 4. The story goes on. Also here is the selfie #AfeterSex.

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Asia Argento in the arms of Fabrizio Corona: the two come out in the open
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