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The European Union is planning a new tax for online companies. However, Member States are not yet agreed.

The European Union is planning a new tax for online companies. However, Member States are not yet agreed.(Photo: REUTERS)

Thursday 6 December 2018

Internet companies pay little for European taxes, even if they earn billions there. France now announces that it will introduce digital taxation without agreement within the European Union, by 2019 at the latest.

According to Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, France intends to introduce the digital tax provided for Internet companies such as Facebook and Google in 2019, even without an agreement within the EU. He set a March deadline to reach a compromise in the European Union, Le Maire told the France 2 television channel. "If that does not work, we will introduce it nationwide from 2019".

Efforts to create a common digital tax in the EU are deadlocked. At the meeting of finance ministers in Brussels, Germany and France they were unable to conquer their opponents with a new compromise proposal, according to which the expected levy would be limited to revenue from corporate advertising. The proceeds from the sale of data and from the activities of the Internet platforms should no longer be the focus of attention. But even against the watered-down variant, several EU states went to the barricades.

Tax decisions can only be decided in unanimity in the EU. In March, the European Commission proposed to tax online business sales from certain companies. In this way, the Brussels authority wants to end the practice of large digital groups, to implement billions in Europe with software devices and services, but barely taxing their profits here.

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