Facebook in trouble: Mark Zuckerberg assures that they are experiencing “the worst recession in recent history”

The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberghas announced to its workers that the world is going through “the worst crisis in years” so it will reduce the workforce in the company.

The message was sent through a video call last Thursday, according to The New York Times, to its more than 77 thousand employees. Meta will go through a change of strategy this 2022.

“The worst financial crisis in years”

According to the media, the statement indicates that Meta plans to cut back on hiring employees and start evaluating current ones for their performance as we face “the worst economic downturn in years.”

During the assembly, the executive president of Meta He said there are “a lot of people in the company who shouldn’t be there.” He added that by raising expectations and having more aggressive goals, he hopes some employees will decide the company isn’t for them and quit of their own free will.

Meta it initially planned to hire about 10,000 engineers in 2022, according to The New York Times. Now the company, which owns Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, has reduced the targets to about 7,000.

Less budget?

The executives of Meta they are already cutting costs across the company in the first few months of 2022 due to slowing ad sales and user growth.

According to CNBCthe social media company lost half of its market value in 2022 after Meta reported that daily active users on Facebook experienced a decline for the first time in years.

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