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Meta is testing a number of features intended for groups of Facebook and has presented a section in which it is already possible to create audio channels with a style very similar to that presented by the Discord platform.

In March of last year, Facebook announced that it had been developing a product similar to the Clubhouse app for iOS for a few months, which would be included as a feature within Messenger Rooms, which are divided into three options: Live Audio Rooms, Rooms Private Audio and Private Video Rooms.

Now, the company has announced that it is experimenting with a number of features aimed at “quickly finding and connecting” with Facebook groups. Among them, one stands out for communication through audio channels, which would present characteristics similar to those of the Discord platform, a free platform that integrates a series of voice channels, as well as the option of sharing text messages. , emoji, ‘stickers’ or GIFs.

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As the vice president of Facebook Communities, Maria Smith, has indicated in a blog entry, administrators can now start creating channels to connect with their groups “in smaller environments”, in order to participate in discussions about common interests or organize their communities according to their theme in different formats.

On the one hand, the community’s audio channels offer members of this social network the option to enter and exit audio conversations in real time, either through Facebook or the Messenger messaging platform.

From now on, the new option to create chat channels for communities is also available, available to users so that they can comment and give their opinions in real time on Facebook and Messenger.

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Finally, Smith has defined the community news channels as “a way for community members to connect when it is most convenient for them”, which allows administrators to organize their communities around different themes within their own channels. groups and that its members participate in other channels that are of interest to them.

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Fluency in the user experience

The board of the social network has also announced that the application development team is testing a new sidebar designed to improve the user experience on Facebook.

In particular, this bar helps you find groups faster and will contain information such as the latest activity in the groups, your new posts or chats that have not been reviewed yet.

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With this new side menu you can also anchor certain groups of interest to give them higher priority, discover new groups related to those themes or others, and even create new ones.

Likewise, Facebook has indicated that it is improving the way in which each of these groupings is organized, in which a menu is now integrated that includes options such as events, stores and a variety of channels.

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