Facebook is apparently set up Privacy Committee


DusseldorfFacebook and the US Trade Commission (FTC) are negotiating a deal that would oblige the company to set up an independent privacy committee, according to a media report. In addition, Facebook would have to hire a data protection officer at the highest level, whose selection would have to be confirmed by the US authorities, reported the US news magazine "Politico" on Wednesday, citing an unspecified source.

Neither Facebook nor the FTC was initially to receive an opinion. The Internet company was recently advised because of several data protection breakdowns in Europe and the US in the criticism. As a result, the company increased its $ 3 billion in potential fines to an undisclosed sum of up to $ 5 billion.

The FTC is currently investigating allegations that Facebook has illegally shared data with 87 million users. In the US presidential election, the data of these Facebook users were allegedly abused by the British company Cambridge Analytica to support US President Donald Trump.

Although Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the developer F8 in San Jose just tried to appease the critics: He raised the privacy of the group's new mantra, so to speak: "The future is private," he said.

Amongst other things, Facebook announced that in the future it will encrypt the communication in the network for Messenger and Instagram as it already does for WhatsApp. Zuckerberg had already promised that in March.

At the same time, the network, which has perfected the evaluation of private data for advertising purposes, continues to accumulate vast amounts of such information: what members click where, when, where to comment, with whom they talk for how long. It's clear that the Group understands privacy differently than many of its users worldwide.

For example, Zuckerberg's promise of 2018 to develop a software tool for deleting stored user information has not yet become a reality. Here is another Internet Group, which is because of his privacy and privacy in the criticism presented.

As Google announced in a blog entry on Wednesday (local time), users have the opportunity to automatically delete stored data on visited websites and places at regular intervals. The period can be set to three or 18 months.

Alternatively, users could leave the information in their profile indefinitely and delete it manually – or completely contradict the data collection. Google emphasizes, however, that the data analysis makes the services of the corporation as well as the web search through personalization more useful.

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