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New York – Facebook technology is no longer the best company in the United States, according to the Glassdoor portal, which after a year full of controversy now occupies the seventh place in its popular annual list of one hundred companies.

The Californian company founded by Mark Zuckerberg was replaced primarily by the international consulting firm Bain & Company, for which the merit is not new: it has been classified eleven times among the top hundred, of which four at the top.

Facebook, which earned almost $ 16,000 million last year and now employs more than 10,000 people, It has been hit in recent months by the scandal of data leakage at Cambridge Analytica and the propagation of racist, proterrorist and false news content on its platform, which it is trying to fight.

According to Glassdoor's analysis, it seems that from the inside the satisfaction of the workers has diminished, since the portal bases its position on factors such as the balance between personal and professional life, opportunities for improvement, compensation or company culture.

With a score of 4.4 out of 5, 2 tenths under the winning score of Bain, Facebook had on its profile the list with generally positive reviews of its employees, such as the one written December 3 that asked "not to believe all the evil press "and stressed that first of all the" control "must be hardened.

The anonymous author, who claims to be a current worker at the Menlo Park office in California, said that "talking to a number of employees who left Facebook alone to come back", acknowledged that "there is no perfect company" and that this technology "offers a lot".

At the top of the Glassdoor list there are also other major technology companies: Facebook flanked by LinkedIn (6) and Google (8), while a little further back are Adobe (30), Microsoft (34), Nvidia (36), SpaceX (48), Cisco (69), Apple (71 ) and HP (87).

The "top 10" to work in 2019 in the country make up Bain (1), Zoom Video Communications (2), In-N-Out Burger (3), Procore Technologies (4), Boston Consulting Group (5), LinkedIn (6), Facebook (7), Google (8), Lululemon (9) and Southwest Airlines (10).



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