Facebook is planning an independent control panel for content


Thumbs up or down? Facebook wants to put together a control panel for disputed questions about online content.

(Photo: AFP)

Boston Facebook is pushing ahead with plans for a controlling body to deal with contentious issues about online network content. By the end of the year, the first committee members named, the company announced on Tuesday. Ultimately, the panel should consist of 40 people who should decide on a few dozen cases a year.

The supervisory board should, for example, decide whether a post on Facebook or Instagram should be rated as a hate speech. In addition, it should set binding rules on the question of whether advertisements violate corporate standards.

However, critics see the move as a Facebook maneuver, avoiding regulation by the authorities or even a possible breakup.

In mid-July, the US Department of Justice launched antitrust investigations against the technology giants. Democrats also demanded their destruction. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has also imposed a $ 5 billion fine on Facebook for illegally distributing personal information to 87 million users in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In the future, CEO Mark Zuckerberg must personally be responsible for the protection of privacy.

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