Facebook is working on its own news section

Mark Zuckerberg

The Facebook founder had announced that the online network wanted to emphasize more “high quality and trustworthy news”.

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Dusseldorf Facebook plans to set up its own media content section on the site at the end of the year in the US. This is an attempt to present users with more trustworthy information more prominently. At least certain media should be paid for directly.

The idea had Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg first made public in April in a conversation with the publisher Mathias Döpfner. Now the technicians work on Facebook at the project, the company confirms.

Up to three million dollars a year Facebook wants to offer media companies to place headlines and excerpts from articles, reports the “Wall Street Journal”, For the test run in the interview are the “Washington Post”, the financial service Bloomberg and the “Wall Street Journal” mother Dow Jones. Facebook itself is still no details known.

It is therefore also unclear how the participating media are selected, whether they can apply for participation and how it is ensured that the Group maps diversity of opinion and his users no political direction in their media consumption pretends. Zuckerberg had told the Springer boss Döpfner that the online network wanted emphasize more “high quality and trustworthy news”,

For the time being, the test run only refers to the USA, according to the Facebook press office in Hamburg. After the Facebook boss himself had announced his ideas for working with the media but against a German publisher, it will probably only be a matter of time until the offer comes to Europe.

The idea for publishers from Europe comes not by chance: They lobbied, because Facebook deprives them readers and advertising revenue. The regulatory efforts of the EU are considered a serious threat to Facebook. A breakup of the group is considered possible. The Facebook media page can be seen as a kind of peace offer.

The project is a turning point: at the beginning of 2018, Facebook had announced that it would present more content from friends and families in the future and give less weight to media content.

For months, Facebook has been looking for ways to stop the spread of fake news. With the 2.7 billion users, the company is increasingly attributed a responsibility for social stability and democracy.

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