Facebook launched the competitor TikTok – music application


The company wants to move the attention of young people towards their services.

November 10th, Facebook launched the Lasso app for iOS and Android. In it, users can record dances and songs under the phonogram and share videos of 15 seconds. For this, Lasso has a great music library and tools for applying effects, for example, speed adjustment or slow-motion.

In Lasso, you can subscribe to video creators, search for content from hashtag and through the Discover page, similar to the one used on Instagram. Also in the application there is a page of the best authors of the video of the day.

You can access Lasso through Instagram or Facebook, which, according to the company, will help to better adapt the content to the interests of users. The application allows you to post videos in Facebook stories, and in the future it will add support for importing on Instagram.

The point

The Verge publication notes that Lasso has previously worked in closed beta mode, as many content and users are already present in the service. The company did not release a press release and did not publish with the Lasso announcement, limiting itself to the tweets of the product manager of Facebook and Lasso.

The journalists of Verge and TechCrunch doubt that Facebook can succeed with Lasso. The company competes with the successful TikTok, which has existed since 2016 and has already swallowed a large competitor Musical.ly with an audience of 200 million people. Lasso starts from scratch and Facebook will have to convince users to download it.

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