Facebook puts Instagram Kids on hold

Instagram Kids won’t happen right away. Facebook has just announced that it is taking a break from developing the children’s version of Instagram. The social network wants to take the time to respond to criticism of the negative effects its application can have on the mental health of young users.

However, the platform is not abandoning its Instagram project aimed at children under 13. For her, a version dedicated to the youngest is justified by the fact that children have smartphones, increasingly younger, and lie about their age to access applications that they cannot in principle access.
While waiting to resume the development of Instagram Kids, the social network will work on the implementation of new tools allowing parents to supervise the account of their teens 13 years and over.

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In recent months, Instagram has stepped up its efforts to strengthen the security of the youngest users on its application, particularly in terms of cyber-harassment. A few weeks ago, the platform indicated that it was going to force its users to enter their date of birth to continue using their application. Earlier this year, Instagram also rolled out new filters and of new options to limit unwanted messages.

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