Facebook really wants iOS 14.5 users to enable app tracking

If you are from Apple and have recently downloaded the update for iOS 14.5You’ve probably already received prompts asking you to enable or disable app tracking. In short, it is about giving your consent so that the information collected about you in an application or website can be shared on other platforms.

The update is called ‘App Tracking Transparency’, and Facebook is not very happy about it. In reaction to Apple’s update, the absolute leader of social networks has wanted to share its own ad (or what they call an “educational screen” according to a official blog post) before iOS 14.5 users decide whether or not to accept app tracking.

Facebook has shared an image of the ad, where it explains that the benefits of sharing your activity from other applications and web pages allow Facebook to: “Show you more personalized ads, help keep Facebook free and support companies that depend on ads to reach you. to his clients”.

(Image credit: Facebook)

The image also shows an almost identical ad that will appear on Instagram, since it is owned by Facebook.

Facebook’s second argument to keep its platform free runs completely contrary to the tagline the company used in the past: “It’s free and it will always be,” a phrase that appeared on its login page but was removed in August. 2019, as well pointed out Business Insider.

App tracking – what does this really mean to you?

Apple’s ‘App Tracking Transparency’ feature is designed to make it easy for you to prevent apps from collecting and sharing your iPhone activity on all the platforms you use. App developers are now required to explicitly obtain permission from iPhone users before their personal data is stored and shared with other apps.

However, other types of data collected directly in the app can still be used to show you ads or sell the information to advertisers, even after App Tracking Transparency has been enabled. If app makers (including Apple) try to find a way around the new privacy policy by offering incentives for users to keep app tracking enabled, then the apps will be banned.

You could say that this will affect the income that application developers obtain, in fact this is the main argument of Facebook regarding the new Apple update. The social media leader argues that while some ads will continue to show even after App Tracking Transparency has been activated, they will be less personalized, which will ultimately hurt small businesses that advertise on Facebook.

Actually, we are not surprised that Facebook is taking such a strong stance: the company depends on data collected from users.

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