Facebook viral: Bear joins a family’s ‘picnic’ and stars in an unusual scene | video | animal videos | maryland | united states | Social networks

The peculiar event occurred in the state of Maryland, U.S. The animal unexpectedly arrived at a family reunion and one of the people who participated in it did not hesitate to record it with her cell phone to share the images on social networks.

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He video, which already has thousands of views on Facebook and Twitter, shows the mammal sitting next to a table, along with family members, as he waits patiently for one of them to make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

In the images, you can see how the bear receives the sandwich directly from the hand of the man who prepared it, while others scream in astonishment at what they have just seen.

As indicated Kaitlyn Nesbit, the author of the clip viral of Facebook to the Cater News portal, the family was on vacation at a friend’s cabin, so everyone got together to have a meal in the forest, outdoors.

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“This was a friends cabin and they said the bear is always around and never really bothers them. Some of our group are used to being in nature, so they advised us not to make sudden movements and to stay where we were, ”said the woman.

Watch the viral video:

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After becoming a trend in Facebook, Twitter and other networks, the recording generated outrage in some users, who criticized the scene noting that, despite being friendly, it is not convenient for bears to live and feed with humans, for the safety of both.

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Bear approaches a young woman, sniffs her and she takes the opportunity to take a selfie [VIDEO]

Many people can react with great fear to being around a wild bear. This was not the case of a young woman who was visiting a park in Nuevo León (Mexico), who upon seeing the animal approaching her, raised her cell phone with incredible calm and took a selfie with it. The unusual reaction of the woman, recorded on video, became viral in the social networks.

The images were recently posted on Twitter. The footage shows the black bear walking in the vicinity of the young woman, who seems to be busy checking her cell phone. The animal begins to sniff the woman in different parts of her body and even touch her with one of its claws, but she does not show much reaction.

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She tries to get close to bear to take a picture and he scares her with an untimely reaction [VIDEO]

An intrepid young woman starred in a terrifying scene that has gone viral on the networks, after being broadcast on TikTok and YouTube. It is about the spooky moment he lived, after trying to take a picture with a bear on a long road in Romania.

The curious episode was recorded on video by the members of a family who were traveling along the same road, who stopped on the side of the highway to contemplate the risky attitude of the woman, without imagining that they would end up recording a shocking outcome.

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Reporter broadcasts live without realizing that a ferocious polar bear was trying to devour her [VIDEO]

A viral video uploaded to Facebook reveals how a journalist could not be the center of attention of viewers, due to the presence of a gigantic polar bear. The fierce plantigrade opened its mouth, exposing its sharp fangs in front of the cameras. The images have become a trend in the countries of Mexico and Spain.

The reporter Breanna Fuss, of the television channel Spectrum News Buffalo, broadcast live to report the reopening of the zoo in the city of Buffalo, in New York (United States), without imagining that someone else would get all the attention.

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