Faced with a new caravan of migrants, Trump threatens to close the border

Honduran immigrants in Guatemala, October 17, 2018. – Esteban Biba / EFE / SIPA

It was 200 a week ago. But word of mouth and calls to social networks help, the new "caravan" of migrants from Honduras fleeing most of the violence and poverty is now estimated at at least 4,000 people. Shattered in small groups, they walk to the border between Mexico and the United States, where they hope to obtain political asylum. But Donald Trump will do everything to stop them, threatening, Thursday, to close the border five months later
the family separation policy that had been forced to stop.

"I must, in the strongest terms, ask Mexico to stop this attack – and if it is not able, I will address the US military and CLOSE OUR FRONTIER SOUTH! …", a- he tweeted, renewing his threats to cut financial aid to the Central American countries concerned. The head of American diplomacy Mike Pompeo has to go Thursday and Friday to Panama and then to Mexico.

Three weeks of midterms

On Saturday 2000, 2,000 migrants left San Pedro Sula in Honduras after a call on social networks. They then crossed the Guatemalan border to Esquipulas, and some reached Thursday the capital of Guatemala. Another 1,000 Hondurans have crossed the border with Salvador on Wednesday with the intention of crossing the country to join the march in Guatemala.

So, it is a journey of almost 3,000 km that awaits them in Mexico, on foot, by train and by bus. They hope to arrive in Texas in three months. If the Mexican police do not expel them first.


Donald Trump returned to one of his major hobby horses – which contributed to his presidential victory in 2016 – to three weeks of legislative elections in which Republicans could lose their majority in the Senate and / or House of Representatives. representatives. According to the American president, this march is "pointed" by the democrats.

The Republican billionaire accuses the opposition party of being favorable to the opening of the borders and the origin of the laws he considers lax. The leaders of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador "do very little to stop the huge influx of people, VERY OF THE DELINQUANTS", he also denounced.

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