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On April 5, the Cabinet of Ministers approved amendments to the regulations “Regulations on the Handling of Material Evidence and Seized Property”, thus facilitating the transfer of animals and vehicles seized in criminal proceedings for storage.

The amendments stipulate that the contract for the storage of seized animals will henceforth be concluded by the State Agency for Security (SEA), which is subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior, thus facilitating the actions of process facilitators with animals seized in criminal proceedings. In addition, the draft provides that the Agency will have the right to dispose of physical evidence and seized property (including animals) by auctioning on an electronic auction site, thus making the process more open and accessible to the public and preventing adverse risks.

At the same time, this project stipulates that material evidence that cannot be realized or whose estimated realization costs exceed revenues can be transferred free of charge not only to state or municipal institutions, but also to public benefit organizations or social enterprises for use in accordance with their task. The realization of the property requires expertise, for example, in fuel and oil products, or opinions that, for example, goods used in contact with food are of adequate quality. If an expert examination has not been performed that the property complies with safety requirements, the SEA may not implement it. Exceeding the selling expenses may be related, for example, to low-quality property, for which it is not useful to perform an expert examination, because it is obvious that it will not be possible to sell it at the market price.

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Also, important changes in the regulations are aimed at improving the information exchange procedure between the SEA and the process facilitators, as well as streamlining the agency’s processes by waiving unnecessary information exchange, as well as providing opportunities to exchange necessary information electronically and in the Criminal Procedure Information System.

The implementation of the project will be ensured within the framework of the state budget funds allocated by the SEA.

For more information: Wendy Pikše-Kuchma, Public Relations Specialist, Personnel Management and Organizational Work Division, Administrative-Legal and Procurement Support Department, State Security Agency, tel. 29498754, e-mail: [email protected]

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