Facing resistance, “Žalgiris” won a difficult victory from Klaipėda

“Neptūnas” did not have David Gailius, who is ill, so Mindaugas Girdžiūnas took the leading role and led the Klaipėda club – 8:7. Ignas Brazdeikis and the legionnaires returned the lead to the Zalgiriers (14:11), but it was fragile and after the first half the guests led 20:18. In practice, Matas Vaitkus managed to hit the siren.

In the second quarter, “Žalgiris” held an 11:1 stretch, after which they gained a double-digit lead for the first time in the game – 35:24. At the beginning of the third quarter, the home team slightly reduced the deficit (39:47), but K. Hayes responded with points (49:39), and I. Brazdeikis excelled in a quick attack – 51:39. Once again leading by a double-digit distance, the Kaunas did not allow “Neptūnas” to stir up more intrigue.

Although “Zalgiris” seemed to feel quite safe, Austin Wiley’s throw forced Kazis Maksvytis to ask for a break (63:71), and the subsequent unsportsmanlike foul by Igna Brazdeikis sparked hope for “Neptun” – 69:75.

With less than 2 minutes left, M. Jogėla added a two-pointer, which raised the level of anxiety in the “Žalgiris” camp – 71:75. However, the final points of K. Hayes and E. Ulanov prevented “Žalgiris” from winning.

A. Wiley managed to use the foul limit in just 11 minutes. During this time, the “Neptune” legionnaire scored 2 points.

Kaunas won the battle for the ball 45 to 27. They were not hindered by 17 percent. 3-point shooting (4/24).

LKL start in Klaipėda: “Neptūnas” – “Žalgiris”

END OF THE GAME, “Neptūnas” 71:79 “Žalgiris”.

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Ulanov recovered the ball in the attack and provoked a foul, Edgar’s accurate free throws, 71:79. 22 seconds left. Brazilian minute break.

Hayes +2, 71:77, lieka 1 min.

Jogėla from under the basket, 71:75, Maksvytis break. 1:10 minutes left.

Girdžiūnas throws penalties 69:75, 1:33 minutes remain. “Neptune” ball.

1:36 left, 67-75. Unsportsmanlike for Brazdeikis.

“Neptune” error in attack.

Penalty by Lekavicius in the attack, 2:17 minutes remain. 67:75.

Girdžiūnas +2, 67:75.

Brazdeikis +2, 65:75.

Maliek White +2, 4 minutes left. 65:73.

5 minutes left 63:73.

The intrigue continues, with 6 minutes left. 63:71.

Ž. Janavičius reduces the difference, 61:71.

After 1:30 minutes of the decisive quarter, 58:69.

Tomas Dimša, +3, 53:67.

Fourth quarter

Lekavicius’ 2 points, after three quarters “Žalgiris” leads 64:53.

“Zalgiris” responds with 5 points in a row.

Successful section of “Neptun” 7:0, 51:57.

“Neptūnas” trailed 44:57 at halftime.

R. Gustys 2+1, it’s true, “Neptunos” tall man missed the free throw, 41:51.

Brazdeikis put, the advantage of “Zalgiris” grows, 51:39.

After playing for 2 min. 39:49.


“Neptūnas”: Mindaugas Girdžiūnas 9, Matas Jogėla 8, Rokas Gustys 7 points. “Žalgiris”: Kevarrius Hayes 10, Laurynas Birutis, Ignas Brazdeikis and Ignas Brazdeikis 7 points each.


After two quarters, “Žalgiris” is ahead 45:34.

M. Jogėla’s three-pointer, Hayes responds with a two-pointer, 32:41. Until the long break 1:30 min.

The most beautiful attack of “Žalgiris”, Brazdeikis’ pass to K. Hayes, this powerful shot increases the advantage of “Žalgiris” to 11 points (24:35). M. Brazi’s one-minute break.

Cavanaugh increases the advantage of “Žalgiris”, Girdžiūnas responds with free throws, 24:31.

L. Birutis 2+1, 23:29. Minute Break. 5 minutes until the long break.

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After playing for 3 min. “Neptūnas” stays within one long throw from the guests, 23:26.

Cavanaugh free throws, “Neptun” Oskars Pleikys answers with a two-pointer.

The second half

The half is closed by a three-pointer by Matos Vaitkaus, after the first quarter “Neptūnas” trailed 18:20.

L. Birutis points over Gustis, 15:20.

Mineikis free throws, 15:18.

Gustys ends “Neptun’s” points drought, 13:18.

The hosts are stuck in attack after 7 minutes have been played. “Zalgiris” is ahead 16:11.

Matas Jogėla, +3, 11:9.

Girdžiūnas two-pointer and three-pointer, Brazdeikis responds with points, 8:9 (3 min.).

Girdžiūnas opened the score for Neptūnas with a three-pointer, Ulanovas and Brazdeikis scored for Žalgiris, 3:5.

First half “Neptūnos” starting five: Žygymantas Janavičius, Rinalds Malmanis, Mindaugas Girdžiūnas, Matas Jogėla, Austin Wiley. “Žalgiris”: Keenan Evans, Kevarrius Hayes, Rolandas Šmitas, Ignas Brazdeikis, Edgaras Ulanovas. https://www.facebook.com/bczalgiris/posts/pfbid02kjeJorgmxMoETjKhFRSVfkZrvu5YVSrG1VJ818gdQnaGdWZ1SHqeCD2jVUk2iYMvl&show_text=true&width=500

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