Fact! Gaming PC is now in a Nintendo Wii

Gaming PCs can somehow be plugged in anywhere. Now a hobbyist has even managed to make one to integrate a functioning gaming PC into a slim Nintendo Wii. And it even works Minecraft on it in good 4K resolution.

It was not easy. For months, a modder tinkered to build a fully functional gaming station with RGB lighting that mimics the blue lighting of the original console’s disc slot.

What is built into it? Thanks to the AMD Ryzen 5 APU and some console chassis mods, the PC build is capable of running Fortnite, Rocket League and Minecraft. In a TikTok video, “AlexTriesTech” shows how it works. Even the original Wii remote works as a mouse on the TV.

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“WiiC”: Windows11 PC fits in Wii case

Essentially, the creator’s motherboard was modified to fit the Nintendo console’s mini case. The original drive and controller ports had to be removed to accommodate the gaming PC components. The modder even managed to improve the cooling to prevent the APU from throttling when it gets too warm.

The mini PC in the Wii easily manages Fortnite at 100 FPS, but more complex games are “just about” playable.

Die Wii is after the switch the second best-selling Nintendo home game console.

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