Factorio: G2A.com controversy: over 300 Steam Keys have been purchased with stolen credit cards


In the controversy G2A.com (worse than black copies for indie developers, positive coverage purchased), Scott Klonan, PR and community manager of Wube Software (Factorio), have joined. In onepostHe wrote that they had to repay about $ 6,600 to the credit card companies because the Factorio keys were purchased with the stolen credit card information and these keys were sold to retailers like G2A.com. When the fraud hit, the keys had to be withdrawn or blocked and the money was reimbursed to the credit card companies. Since the retailer simply provides the platform for resale, the developers bear the costs incurred. Since many of the affected keys were sold via G2A.com, the developers refer to comments from many users who wrote that they purchased the game on G2A.com, but then disappeared from their game library.

Klonan wrote: "In 2016, shortly after the launch of Steam, we had a lot of chargeback and fraud problems because over 300 Steam Keys in the game were purchased with stolen credit cards and for an average repayment rate of around $ 20, we estimate the total amount $ 6,600 we paid the chargebacks, we will do a more thorough evaluation of our accounting records to get a more accurate count, but it is no longer that important. "

G2A.com was also full-bodied in the wake of the recent bustleannounceddevelopers who could be hit by credit card fraud through G2A.com should receive compensation – ten times that amount. As a result, Wube Software contacted G2A.com and sent a list of affected keys. An answer is still pending.

Wube Software suggests using the official sales partners as a source for Factorio (also thanks to the 28-day refund option and customer support). Instead of buying Factorio from a key retailer like G2A.com, the developers say it's better to download a black copy from the Internet instead of supporting those retailers.

Currently, Factorio offers more keys on G2A.com. According to Scott Klonan, these keys come from Factorio purchases in different regions at different prices and from "speculative buyers" who bought the game before the last price increase. At the moment they don't care about G2A.com, they say, but they would still find themselves in a special situation, since they categorically exclude price reductions or sales offers.

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