Facua denounces several supermarkets for allegedly agreeing on the price of olive oil

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The price of olive oil continues to rise and is expected to continue rising after the start of an olive harvest campaign that is predicted to be just as bad as last year. Consumers continue to see how the liter of oil does not reach the ceiling and Facuathe consumer association, has focused on the prices of this product in supermarkets.

For this reason, he has decided to report to the National Competition Commission (CNMC) what is considered an agreement between large chains to sell their private label olive oil at the same price or with a minimum difference of cents. The indicated supermarkets are Alcampo, Carrefour, Dia, Eroski, Hipercor and Mercadona.

For its part, Asaja Córdoba has reported that “the beginning of the olive harvesting campaign for olive oil is becoming widespread in the province, especially after the last few days of rain,” the agricultural organization foresees that “production will be as scarce as the last year, when they reached 142,554 tons”.

However, as he lamented, “the drought suffered throughout the year and the high temperatures during the flowering season have marked the low production that will be obtained in this campaign that begins now”, taking into account that “they will only be able to complete the ripening of the olive in a more natural way, with less stress, some very good dryland trees and the olive groves that have been able to be irrigated, which are very few, due to the irrigation restrictions that have existed.

In short, he believes that “the lack of oil will continue to be the trend for this campaign” and, “although oil prices are now holding steady, it is regrettable that input prices have not droppedsuch as fertilizers, diesel, labor or phytosanitary products, of which, in addition, there are fewer and fewer authorized products compared to other countries.

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