News Fahrettin Altun, who used his power in the Palace,...

Fahrettin Altun, who used his power in the Palace, asked for a 35-day proclamation penalty to the Republic.

The Press Ad Institution (BIK) affiliated with Altun has sentenced our newspaper and our website to a 35-day suspension of official ads and advertisements.

In the press announcement agency’s decision, it was stated that “the news does not reflect the truth” and “there is no public interest”, while the statements of our newspaper that “the press exceeded the limits of freedom of information and expression” were included. Our newspaper’s lawyers will appeal against the decision.


Republic; President Communications President Fahrettin Altun discovered that he had “landscaped landscapes such as roads, fireplaces and gazebos” in the Bosphorus Prediction Area, and “these buildings were demolished by the İBB police teams”.

IMM teams carried out the transaction in Kuzguncuk on 13 April 2020; On the 14th of April 2020, the Republic announced the events to the public a day later with the headline “There is a leak in the Bosphorus”. After our news, the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation against our reporter Hazal Ocak, our photojournalist Vedat Arık, our Responsible Editor-in-Chief Olcay Büyüktaş Akça and our Editor-in-Chief İpek Özbey on charges of “targeting terrorist organizations”.

By our news Istanbul Anatolian 8. Magistrate Judges “koronavirüsl during the fight to disrupt Turkey’s success in European countries while failing to hide or” access to the grounds on April 17 jet speed barrier was introduced.


After this process, Altun’s lawyer Sezgin Tunç filed a complaint with BIK about our news and requested that our newspaper be sent an advertisement and official announcement penalty. The General Directorate of BİK made a decision on the Turkish press history regarding this application on 14 May.

In the decision signed by BİK General Manager Rıdvan Duran, it was reminded that the İBB crews signed a lease agreement between the Istanbul Foundations 2nd Regional Directorate and Altun on the day of the demolition in Kuzguncuk, namely, that Altun “rented this land for security and rehabilitation purposes”. .

However, it was noteworthy that there was no information regarding the initiation of the works on the land of the foundations unauthorized days before the contract was signed. It was stated that as a result of the on-site determinations made by the General Directorate of Foundations, it was not determined that there was no construction in violation of the rental contract, and it was determined that the wooden arbor and fireplace placed on this plot by the police teams instantly disassembled the material, and the classification of the material from this point shows this situation.

The news of the Republic was already announcing to the public the “instant dismantling” that took place in Istanbul and included in these sentences in the decision.


In line with this interpretation, it was suggested that the news did not reflect the truth, by saying: “The newspaper of Cumhuriyet, by breaking the limits of freedom of information and expression, publishing this news without conducting research properly, and distorting the facts in the interpretation of the news and events by distorting, distorting or shortening from the facts. cannot be separated for purposes.

Article 1 of the General Assembly Decision No. 129 on the Press Ethics Principles on Press Ethics, which can be suspicious of accuracy and whose research is within the scope of journalism, cannot be published and researched without making sure that its accuracy is correct, and ‘slander and criticism that cannot exceed the limits of criticism. It was concluded that this article violated subparagraph (i) ”.

In addition, it was argued that article 1 (c) of General Assembly Resolution 129 on Press Ethics was violated.


The decision stated that the privacy of private life was violated with the publication of his home address as well as the address of his house without the knowledge of Altun: “It cannot be said that there is a public interest in publishing the news in this content; because the news does not reflect the facts. Therefore, in the news of the complaint of the newspaper, by publishing the photograph of the house, as well as the address of the President of the President as the target of the President of the Communication, Article 1 of the General Assembly Resolution No. 129 on the Code of Ethics on the Ethical Principles of the Press, which states that “the privacy of individuals cannot be violated in cases that do not concern the public interest” (i) has also been found to be a violation. With our BİK news, 3 paragraphs were violated and sentenced our newspaper and internet news site to be cut for 35 days in official advertisements and advertisements.


It was noteworthy that BIK ignored that Altun only included information about the land belonging to the foundations, not about the house of Altun. Our newspaper’s lawyers will object to this decision.


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