Fake Vitamin Case, Tokopedia Boss: Tens of Thousands of Stores Closed, but…

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – CEO Tokopedia William Tanuwijaya stated that there are people who take advantage of the momentum during this pandemic to sell fake vitamins or sell medical devices above normal prices.

“We closed tens of thousands of shops, but every day there will be new criminals. But the percentage is very small,” William said in a public hearing with Commission VI DPR, Wednesday, September 15, 2021.

Although the percentage is small, William said cases in e-commerce often go viral because of the development of social media. However, this does not mean that the company does not take action on the violations that occur.

“When it went viral, we were actually working with the police to find the syndicate or the person behind it, because our business is a reputation business,” said William. “If you don’t do consumer protection, consumers will easily switch to other platforms.”

William said that in the digital trading business, the company could easily ensure that consumers could get goods as offered, namely by direct selling platform owners. That is, the owner of the platform owns the warehouse and buys the goods himself.

However, he said the company chose to empower MSMEs. The move, he said, had both positive and negative impacts. For example, consumers can be disappointed because the goods received by consumers do not match the offer.

“Consumer protection is his philosophy that everyone is good until they are proven not to be good,” said William.

Joint accounts have become an innovation because when consumers buy goods in the marketplace and pay, if the goods are not suitable, the buyer can file a complaint.

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“Here the marketplace becomes the jury to see evidence from buyers and sellers and decide who is right and wrong. Here the buyer gives a rating. In our community it is called, let the ratings speak,” said the leader of Tokopedia. Later the buyer can see what the reputation of the store that will be buying the product looks like.

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