Fakhri Husaini Disappointed PSSI Naturalization Project for the U-20 World Cup


Ex Coach U-19 Indonesian national team Fakhri Husaini quip PSSI related to the massive naturalization plan for the 2021 U-20 World Cup in Indonesia.

Persija Jakarta and Arema FC each recruited two young players from Brazil who were not yet 20 years old. Madura United also indicated that they would follow soon.

The two new Persija players are Thiago Apolina Pereira and Maike Henrique Irine De Lima. Meanwhile, two Arema FC players are Hugo Guilherme Corre Grillo and Pedro Henrique Bartoli.

“If PSSI has lost its confidence in local players, just leave the status of the U-20 World Cup host to other countries,” wrote Fakhri on Instagram after many journalists asked for his opinion.


Fakhri Husaini was deeply disappointed by the news. The Aceh-born coach really refused to use naturalized players when he was still a tactician for the U-19 national team.

This has also been emphasized many times when Indonesia is confirmed to host the U-20 World Cup. At that time, Fakhri said that local players had to appear at the event for the good of Indonesian football.

“Trust in Indonesian native sons. Depend on the fate of football on these naturalized players does not have to be a priority,” said Fakhri in June.

“That our players are young U-19 and U-20, I believe they are still capable of facing any team,” he said.

Unfortunately, Fakhri Husaini’s nationalist stance is not in line with PSSI. The Indonesian football federation has not extended the contract of the former Pupuk Kaltim player and the position of U-19 national team coach is now entrusted to Shin Tae-yong who also manages the U-23 national team and the senior national team.

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