Fall Guys: learn to be the fastest using the “Bunny hop”

Fall Guys, the particular game battle royale developed by Mediatonic, currently enjoys immense popularity. Today it is completely normal to see this game occupying the top positions of viewers putting it above popular titles like League of Legends or himself Fortnite.


This game has various obstacle courses, which can be easily classified into racing mini-games, mini-games by team, survival and more. One of the constants in each game is to start with the race minigames, which will take care of filter the slowest as the game progresses. Today we will focus on a technique that you must master to ensure your pass to the next rounds.

The “Bunny hop” inside Fall Guys

This is a technique that was born in the first-person shooters (FPS) and consists of, as the English name says, “jump like bunny“. Unlike FPS, this is done in Fall Guys with the purpose of increase your distance from the competition and, therefore, reach the goal more quickly. Mastering this technique will be your ticket to a quick victory in the racing minigames.

To put it into practice you will need a descending ramp, this will be present in various games such as “The Pirindola” and in “Dodge and Fall“It is at the beginning of these games that you will find a downhill slope on which you can make use of the”Bunny hop“. The dynamics is as follows:

-Jump onto the descending ramp.

-As soon as you touch the surface, it jumps again.

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This will increase your speed considerably making you easily outrun your opponents.

You should know that not only the “Bunny hop“will work at the beginning of the games mentioned, but in ALL descending ramps that you will find in the game. Like the one you can find at the bottom of the minigame called “Trompazos Gallery“.

To clarify doubts and see this trick in action, the following video can help you.

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