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Fall Guys, Phantasy Star Online 2, Instant Sports … The releases for the week of August 3

We come back to the most important outings of the week on the JV side, with a lot of things, especially for those who like to let off steam and relax with this hot summer.

Suffice to say that the weeks go by, but the masses are not alike. If we have not had a lot of things on the JV release side in the previous weeks, and especially throughout the month of June, we will have something to do for this first week of August, especially if we like party-games and immense defouloirs. We are of course talking about Devolver’s new bombshell, Fall Guys, which is likely to pass a memorable summer to a large number of players, but also about the compilation of Instant Sports Summer Games, for all party-game lovers to make several around his TV. In short, we have plenty to do this week!

Fall Guys : Ultimate Knockout

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A plaster of fun for all

Fall Guys is the revelation of this summer 2020. If you like watching Twitch, you must have stumbled upon it last week, when the game’s beta phases were a huge success on the streaming platform.. We are in a relaxation game of the battle royale type, where each event makes it possible to purify the less good players. Most of the time, the goal is not to fall off platforms, but we can also have other games, which all have the common aspect of being a happy mess. Undoubtedly the game to test this summer, especially since PSPlus subscribers will be able to benefit from it for free from August 4 on PS4. FYI, the game will also be available on PC, on the same date.

Phantasy Star Online 2

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The JRPG of the summer?

Presented once again during the last Xbox presentation, Phantasy Star Online 2 is about to make its arrival on August 5 on almost all platforms. This signals the return of one of the most popular online JRPG series in Japan. Please note, the game is enjoying growing popularity in our region as well, and this new opus will once again be an opportunity to attest to this.. Perfect for those who needed a good JRPG for this month of August which will be rather lean in releases of the genre.


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A nostalgic game as we like them

Skully is presented as a new platformer / action / adventure game, which features a skull which is given a second life through a mysterious deity. We are on a game that should appeal to those nostalgic for the Spyro The Dragon era for example, for release on August 4 on all possible platforms.

Instant Sports Summer Games

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The summer game for many

If Fall Guys will allow you to let off steam alone behind your computer or your PS4, Instant Sports Summer Games offers you the possibility to let off steam in the company of several friends, around the same TV. A sort of spiritual return of the famous bestseller Wii Sports, which will not fail to make more of an addict at the time. Perfect for the Switch, and especially perfect for this summer, Instant Sports Summer Games will be available on August 6.


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