Fall Guys release for Switch and Xbox has been delayed, and game gets cross-play – Gaming – News

The release of battle royale platformer Fall Guys for Xbox and Switch has been delayed. The developer says it needs more time for the ports and does not give a new release date. The maker also reports that the game will get cross-play.

“We realized that our previously announced summer release for these platforms is just too early. So we won’t be able to get all the features we’re working on in-game”, states developer Mediatonic on its website. They are working on a port for the Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S.

The game will therefore get cross-play in the future. That is not the case at all yet: the PS4 and Windows versions of the game have their own player pools that are not shared with each other. Mediatonic does not explicitly state between which platforms cross-play will work. It just says that ‘when we add new platforms, players can still tumble in harmony with their buddies, regardless of their platform choice’.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a platformer and battle royale in one. Up to sixty players have to fight their way through all kinds of obstacle courses and mini-games, without falling off the level themselves and with the possibility to oppose or cooperate with others. The latter provides an early alliance, because there is no voice or text chat in the game.

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