Fall Guys will be free-to-play and announces release date on Xbox, Switch and PS5: details of the latest event

After promising a “big announcement”, the Mediatonic team is preparing to receive a large number of players.

Mediatonic he had quoted us for what would be a “big ad” for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and his surprise has exceeded the expectations of many players. After all, the development team has released one of the biggest news we’ve seen in this game: it will become a free-to-play very soon, something that comes along with a lot of news that will expand the experience of users of all platforms.

Fall Guys will be free-to-play on June 21Do you want Fall Guys for free? Well, keep in mind that it will be accessible as free-to-play from June 21. Do you intend to wait until the Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PS5 versions come out? So look at this one more time. June 21, as it is also established as the launch date for the Mediatonic game to let us participate in the rounds with the Nintendo hybrid, as well as on the Xbox and PS5 platforms. In the case of PC, new players will not be able to play for free through Steam and will need to access the title via Epic Games.

Authors work in a mode to edit and create levelsAnd there is more: the Mediatonic direct has left us with other novelties such as the crossplay and the cross progression between platforms, to which are added new levels and, how could it be otherwise, new costumes for the participants. If you have already purchased Fall Guys in the past, you will receive the Legacy Pack with various rewards that not only touch the aesthetic, but will also expand your fun with various bonuses.

On the other hand, Fall Guys players can now prepare for a big update of gameplay that will unite the tests of all the seasons seen so far. Not many details have been given about this content, but the Mediatonic direct has given us images and scenes with which to dream until future announcements.

Imagen de Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Last but not least, Mediatonic has also introduced a mode for create and edit own levels, which will give us the opportunity to continue experimenting and falling into the void on multiple occasions. This modality does not have an established launch date and the authors consider that it is planned for in a long time. However, we have already had a first look at it, and therefore we can get excited about a mode that will fuel the imagination of the players.

Of course, the Mediatonic team has given us an evening loaded with news. So after delay their development and finish considering a prioritywe can already tell that Fall Guys is about to reach Nintendo Switch y Xbox along with a lot of news. Therefore, we’ll have to wait a few weeks to experience its crazy rounds on other platforms, which will certainly increase the number of players (and comical moments) for the summer months.

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