Fallout 76: two German stores sell the game as much as possible


At the end of last year, Bethesda seemed to be satisfied with the commercial success of Fallout 76, indicating that "millions of players" have played "a lot". But apparently some retailers are struggling to sell their multiplayer role-playing games.

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on Reddit, a user indicates it GameStop Germany offers a copy of Fallout 76 on PlayStation 4 for any purchase of a controller DualShock 4 usedIt's a gift, and it's a lot of things. For once, it is important to remember that the parent company of Micromania-Zing is currently facing serious financial difficulties and probably wants to avoid cluttering its shelves. But he was not counting Saturn, another German retailer, who offers a physical copy of Fallout 76 for the purchase of a beam Xbox One X already includes the game of Bethesda, in digital version. Yes, the buyer is left with a download code and the game disc, it's pretty funny, Saturn he actually wants to get rid of copies of Fallout 76.

Anyway, and although the game of Bethesda seems to have difficulty seducing the players, the developer continues to support it and will launch next March a big update with a modality survival is PvE.

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