Fame: Pedro el Escamoso: the true song that Pedro Coral danced when

Even though more than 19 years have passed since it was released, “Pedro the scaly” It is undoubtedly one of the Colombian comic soap operas that many people remember to this day.

And it was not for less, because in addition to narrating the story of the inveterate womanizer Pedro Coral Tavero, this character’s dance steps became so popular, which became a sensation in the countries where the novel was broadcast.

However, the scenes where the protagonist of this series is seen to move the skeleton were not going to have the theme “El pirulino” as a background, but another musicalization. Next, we tell you what was the real song that danced.

Miguel Varoni in full transformation to be “Pedro, the scaly” (Photo: Caracol Televisión)


In an interview with PulseDago García, vice president of Production for Caracol TV, told what the original song was going to be in which Pedro danced spiritedly. He said that it all started a very tired day of work in which he was putting together the script with Luis Felipe Salamanca. To take a break, they began to listen to music and suddenly he began to dance in a funny way, something that his partner liked, who told him that those steps should be those of the main actor.

“We took the phone and called Miguel Varoni [el protagonista], who was going to go out in a scene dancing (…). He got the idea and added several things to it, we laughed and I said, ‘That’s how you have to dance on the scene tomorrow. Evidently, the scene was filmed with the theme Pa ‘Maite by Carlos Viveshe related.

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Apparently everything was going well until they received a call from Jorge Martínez, Caracol TV’s lawyer, who, alerted to what they were going to broadcast on the air, pointed out that they could not use that song because they did not have the rights. “It is a Sonolux theme. That is going to be complicated, they are going to charge us a large amount of silver; so, that scene cannot go in the novel ”.

Given what was said by the legal part of the channel, García was concerned and contacted the manager of musical productions to ask him how much money they had to buy copyrights, but they told him that the fund had already been used. “I did not know what to do, but I received his call half an hour later to tell me that he had obtained an album with 12 songs for a million and a half pesos, and although they were songs from 50 years ago, it was the only thing there was”.

Once the songs were sent to him, he passed it on to the publisher and his team to try them out and see which “Pedro, the scaly” dance worked with. “When I went down to editing, I saw all the technicians laughing. It was the theme “El pirulino”. This is how it becomes a phenomenon ”.


Miguel Varoni drastically changed his look after concluding his period as Pedro Coral. Instead of strident colored shirts and long hair that showed his bad taste, he began to use short hair and a small beard, becoming a leading man or villain of some high-impact soap operas such as “I’m going to teach you to love” and “The house next door”, where he shared roles with his current wife. He also participated in dramas such as “Decisiones”, “Los Victorinos”, “Corazón Valiente”, “Husbands for rent”, among others.

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All its characters are different, each with its own personality. Some are funny. Others dramatic. Heroes He is an artist talented and versatile enough to take on different challenges. “Las Juanas”, “The Other Side of the House”, “Owners of Paradise” and “The Lord of Heaven” are just some of other more successful works.

Today, at 55, Miguel Varoni is exclusively dedicated to directingAlthough he himself says that he does not know what will happen in the near future with the showbusiness industry. “Meanwhile, you have to keep producing for all platforms and tell stories”, He indicated in an interview that he granted to Infobae from Miami.

In 2003, Telemundo passed the novel ‘Peter the Scaly ‘ And there was born a relationship with the company that still continues. First I entered as an exclusive actor; later in 2006, I changed my contract to creative director of Telemundo, and today I am vice president and creative director of Telemundo Global EstudiosHe explained in the interview published in March 2019.

Heroes He also spoke about the characters that marked his career and how his process to create them has been. He also recognized that each of them influenced his personal life. “I remember a job that I really liked, ‘The house next door’. My character was Víctor Ríos, a very troubled man, with rotten roots, absolute homophobic, and God punishes him and falls in love with an operated transvestite. He did not know that he was a transvestite and when this character realizes that situation, what happens was very interesting to interpret it“He declared ..

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Both with Victor and Pedro, they were characters in a long process of development, and when they settled in my mind and in my heart, the things that began to happen changed my life.“He added.

The actor shares his day to day on his social networks, where he sees the romantic messages he dedicates to his wife Catherine siachoque, actress with whom he has been married since July 1997. After a few years of dating, the couple married by the church on July 4, 1999 in Bogotá. Miguel Varoni and Catherine Siachoque they said yes in front of the altar and from there, their lives lit up more and more.



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