‘Family’ actress Annie Geeraerts critical after Gunthe…

Last week it was announced that Gunther Levi is being written out of ‘Family’ after 22 years of loyal service. In ‘Day All’ fans and colleagues react to the dismissal. Annie Geeraerts, known as ‘the grandma’, thinks the decision is evidence of “a lack of creativity”.


Tuesday, November 23, 2021 at 11:04 am

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Since the early days of the soap, Gunther Levi has played Peter Van den Bossche, a member of the most important family in the series. The fact that he is just thrown at the door causes resentment. Geeraerts calls it “a terrible decision”. Especially the statement that the makers want to shock with the departure of Peter, is not well received. “Sorry, but if this is the best route, then it shows a lack of creativity on the part of the writers. Sad how they usually fall short in that area.”

The actress believes that fans can sometimes drop out en masse after the departure of another Van den Bossche. “You can shock the viewers too much, can’t you. Oh, what can I do? It might be my turn soon. (breed) They just do, I think in the meantime.”

Meanwhile, a Facebook group of fans who demand that Gunther Levi and Martine Jonckheere in family almost ten thousand members remain. The dismissal of Levi also causes unrest on set, a source tells Hey everyone. Because if a Van den Bossche has to leave, no one is sure of his job. Especially since the actor never caused any problems on set. “He is the perfect professional, a very easy guy to work with. Incomprehensible.”

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