World Famous in the network "grandpa-hipster" with his wife revealed...

Famous in the network “grandpa-hipster” with his wife revealed the secret of their popularity: Style: Values:

An elderly couple from Germany walked the streets in colorful outfits and became famous on the net. The secret of the popularity of pensioners was revealed on platform Bored Panda.

According to the publication, the exact age of the former chef Günther Krabbenhöft and his beloved Britt Kanja has not been specified, but it is known that they are definitely over 70 years old. Despite their age, the couple continues to lead an active lifestyle: they attend various events and go to dance parties.

The retired, known online as “the hipster grandfather,” told reporters that he was always fond of fashion, but could not become a stylist due to pressure from his parents. According to him, in his youth, he most often wore black classic clothes, but he always added unusual details to his images.

Photo posted by @ britt.kanja

The hero of the material also stressed that his style has changed throughout his life. “For me, the main thing is the harmony between the inner world and the outer appearance,” explained Krabbenhoft.

It is noted that strangers began to photograph the elderly couple on the streets of Berlin, and she began to gain followers on Instagram. Soon, pensioners themselves began to publish footage on social networks where they pose in outfits in bright colors.

So, for example, in one of the photos they posed in similar white suits. The couple complemented their looks with hats: Kanya wore a wide-brimmed hat, and Crabbenhof wore a blue hat. In another photo, a woman is standing in a green suit, and a man is wearing beige trousers, a vest and a plaid jacket.

In July, pensioners who own a laundry starred in things that their customers forgot and became famous on the net. Wanji, 83, and Sho-Er, 84, complained of boredom, so their grandson asked the couple to pose for things that had been idle for over 10 years. One of the publications went viral, as a result of which almost 100 thousand people subscribed to the couple’s page in a few weeks.


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