Famous Moroccan Spaniards

They are famous Spaniards who have another passport in addition to the Spanish, if we stick to their origins. Of them, two have caught our attention because they are our compatriots. They are Bibiana Fernández and María Teresa Campos, very well known to the Spanish.

According The country, is known as the ‘star’ who came from Tangier. She also has the pseudonym Bibi Andersen but her real name is Bibiana Fernández. Actress, singer, television presenter, drag queen, was born in Tangier on February 13, 1954. Her father, from Malaga, moved to Tangier for political reasons. He spent his entire childhood in Tangier before continuing with adolescence in Malaga.

Another famous Moroccan Spaniard is María Teresa Campos. She is known as the queen of the mornings, she was born on June 18, 1941 in Tetouan, as the third of six siblings. She was a television host, journalist and writer. His Cordovan father worked in Tetuán, Spanish protectorate at that time, indicates El País.

If it is important that we determine ourselves, sometimes life itself has its own reasons that determine us.

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