Famous of the lot in Mask Singer hiding under the disguise of Catrina and Cuervo

Social networks, thanks to the clues of the Antena 3 program, have discovered who are those who are hiding under the two disguises

In the last show Mask Singer viewers uncovered new clues about Catrina, but they were left without seeing one of the great unknowns, the Cuervo. They also discovered two other masked men, the guest Ladybug and the Unicorn, who turned out to be Norma Duval.

However, they are not the only famous people who have been discovered, since the new tracks from Mask Singer have confirmed the theories about the leak of Susana Uribarri. A leak that has unmasked the Poodle, Gamba and Chameleon at one stroke.

The Raven is one of the great mysteries of Mask Singer

Three unmasked in Mask Singer

As we have mentioned, Susana Uribarri has been in charge of throwing all the Mask Singer’s work to the ground. The representative posted snapshots with Georgina Rodríguez in the lion costume and with Pepe Navarro. But he also posted photos with other celebrities.

Some celebrities who have been some of the assumptions that researchers have made. These are Tamará Falcó, Albano and Máximo Huerta, who would be the hidden celebrities behind the costumes of Poodle, Gamba and Sunflower in Mask Singer. Something that can sink the next programs.

Cuervo and Catrina, famous of the lot in Mask Singer

Likewise, the last Mask Singer gala has also discovered some celebrities who have not liked the viewers at all. One of them is the Raven, one of the great mysteries. Many assure that it is Jorge Lorenzo, but everything indicates that it is Julio Iglesias Jr.

For its part, Catrina’s case seems much more obvious. Thanks to the clues from the first and third program, everything indicates that it is Shaila Durcal who is hiding under the disguise. In this way, Mask Singer would add two new celebrities from the heap, far from the expectations generated by the program.

Mask Singer already discovered popular celebrities on his latest show

Mask Singer ended his third gala with many surprises, but we already wonder what it is what will happen next gala in which the participants will once again leave us fascinated behind the mask. The jury of the program he’s going completely crazy to guess the contestants.

At the last gala, the program surprised us by commenting that we would have the opportunity to discover two of the program participants. On this occasion, one of them was the characterization of the mariquitita, which turned out to be Mónica Carrillo, a journalist for Antena 3 and a writer.

Mask Singer
Monica Carrillo hides behind ladybug

Mask Singer leaves in the air the identity of the famous

But, the biggest surprise of the night came when we were able to discover the person who was inside the unicorn. A characterization that was driving the jury of the program crazy, since they did not match any of the person who would be behind. Finally, it turned out to be Norma Duval.

Now, we wonder what can happen at the next Mask Dinger gala. Although surprises are always assured, the program in its last broadcast has left many clues. Some of the clearest are, monster, sunflower, catrina, in the first round of participants.

New masks for gala 4

The jury commented on new names for the characterizations and now we know what could be the faces of the celebrities who are under the masks. Malú and Mota bet everything on which monster Santiago Segura was, then social networks went crazy when they heard this name, since they were totally right.

On the other hand, sunflower had different proposals among the jury. But there is one that is the one that makes the most sense according to users of social networks, who agree with Malú. The singer commented that she had certain suspicions and that the participant could be Albano. Everything indicates that it is the most probable.

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